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Redwood Shingles, Shakes, Post & Grapestakes

Salvaged Old Growth Redwood Shingles and Shakes are available now at Jackel Enterprises. Redwood shingles and shakes are a historical and long lasting siding and roofing material. Redwood is naturally fire retardant, rot and insect resistant so there is no need to treat the material with chemicals.

Redwood shingles are sawn wood tiles used for roofing and siding. Available in #1 Blue Label (premium grade) or #2 Red Label (quality grade for many applications). We have 15 stock patterns available and custom orders are welcome.

Redwood shakes are traditionally hand split on one or both sides; hand split lends itself to an irregular texture typical of rustic and craftman style homes. Shakes are available in typical lengths: 18”, 24” and 36”. Our Barn Shakes are hand split and represent the traditional style shake. The Hollywood (or Imperial) Shakes is hand split on the face and resawn on the backside, much thicker at the butt. The Tapersawn Shakes are a hybrid of a shake and shingle, same taper shape as a shingle but made thicker like a shake.

Posts and Grapestakes are also available from the same quality old growth salvaged Redwood in traditional and custom sizes.

No trees are harmed in the production of these shakes, shingles, posts and grapestakes; these products are made solely from salvaged old growth Redwood.

Call Jackel Enterprises 831-711-WOOD for more information or see our printable pdf on our Specifications page.