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The Move is On

Hi, I wanted to let you know we are open until Thursday March 6th at our current location, 347 Locust Street. We will be closed Friday March 4th thru Monday March 7th for our final move. We will be open for business Tuesday March 8th at 8am in our new facility at 801 Ohlone Parkway, Watsonville, CA 95076. See you...

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We have been working hard this week moving our mill from 347 Locust to our new site at 801 Ohlone Parkway. We have plenty of heavy equipment to move including the 26′ long Baker resaw and a piano. We called on our friends at Azzie’s Storage to help us with the Baker mill; it was too large for our forklifts and trucks! An empty mill… and the...

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Elm Tea Gate at Yale University Art Gallery

Paul Discoe, a friend and colleague, was an artist in residence at Yale University in 2014 and 2015. A master temple-builder trained in Japan, Paul worked with us to source the material he wanted. We supplied Paul with Red Elm salvaged from a park in Santa Clara, California for his project. Elm is a traditional material used in Japanese architecture. The Happy and Bob Doran Tea Gate, dedicated in the Doran’s honor, is “a mixture of formal and informal [Buddhist Architecture].”(1) The gate in Zen Buddhist architecture is a symbolic marker to remind those who enter to come into the present moment. Paul was quoted describing his creation as a “gateless gate, a gate to nowhere except for everywhere.”(2) For more information or to visit the Happy and Bob Doran Tea Gate at the Yale University Art Gallery: call 203.432.0660 website address 1111 Chapel Street, New Haven, Connecticut Photos: Jessica Smolinski 1 & 2: Yale University Art Gallery, Spring...

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801 Ohlone Progress

Every day we get a little closer. We will start to move our mill over to 801 Ohlone this week. In the meantime the painting is finished, the doors are being hung and the bathroom fixtures are installed and working. Front with Entry Door Installed Stacks Room with Doors Hall to Showroom Door to Showroom Office...

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Wet Paint!

We have painted minus a few spots, the doors and jambs are getting hung as I write. We built our employee break room cabinet with a live edge Monterey Cypress counter top. Plumbing items have been purchased and are ready to be installed. The anticipation of the move is palpable. Upstairs Office Showroom Downstairs Office The Stacks Room Warehouse Finishing Cabinet Monterey Cypress with Sink Cut Out Ready for...

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Shrine of St. Joseph’s Monterey Cypress

Shrine of St. Joseph, located on the West Side of Santa Cruz, has recently removed a number of Monterey Cypress trees from the property for safety reasons. Working with Fuse Architects and Meschi Construction the trees have been salvaged for use as the architectural interior of the new St. Joseph coffee shop. Jackel Enterprises is proving mill services for the project. We are milling the trees into slab material with our Lucas Mill; we will sicker and band each tree after it has been milled then dry the boules for about 6-7 months. At that time we will kiln dry the material which will be use for interior elements of the new coffee shop. Monterey Cypress Log Sections First Log Section in the Lucas Mill After the First Cut Monterey Cypress Slab First Log Section Finished Detail of One...

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