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Baker Band Mill & Resaw

With our band mill we have a 36” diameter log capacity. We can resize logs, timbers, and cants from 24” wide, up to 36” high and lengths as long as 24 feet.

Lucas Mill

Our Lucas milling capability is 100″ +/- wide and 20’ long; we use this mill to cut our salvaged logs in-house. This mill will cut 10″ deep circular sawn lumber and cants. Circular planing is also available for larger pieces with this mill.

Northfield Planer

Jackel Enterprises Northfield is a 24” spiral head planer. Our planing services include surfacing two sides (S2S); maximum size from 23 ¾” wide to 8 ¾” high and as thin as 1/8”.

Wide Belt Sander

We offer sanding services on our wide belt sander up to 51” wide, from 30 grit up to 180 grit.

Kiln Drying

Jackel Enterprises has two dehumidification kilns on site. Our wood drying capacity has more than doubled with our new kiln; we can accommodate up to 36’ lengths; 4,000 board feet of hardwoods and 2,000 board feet of softwoods


Resawing is a great way to increase your lumber yield by resizing stock or making a custom veneer. We can resaw boards to ½” thick by 12” high and any thickness down to 1/8” accurately by 16” wide; or add a “resaw” texture to most material.


Jackel Enterprises, Inc mills custom mouldings, from short runs to thousands of feet including trim packages for large and small projects.

Delivery and Shipping

We deliver weekly by Jackel Enterprises truck within the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. We ship via freight truck and common carrier nation-wide.